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Posted Friday, August 31, 2007

A 5-day hiatus, why...

Are they going to catheter me? ... find out!

August 25. I was admitted in Kidapawan Doctors Hospital due to severe abdominal pain in my right lower quadrant (RLQ), moderate malaise, mild fever, nausea and vomiting. The doctor suspected my case, an appendicitis. I had to undergo two laboratories, abdominal ultrasound and urinalysis (urine exam) if there's an increase in white blood cells (WBC). Then it was found out that I really have an appendicitis.

For your information, Appendicitis is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix caused by an obstruction of the intestinal lumen from infection, stricture, fecal mass, foreign body or tumor.

Few hours later, [after the laboratory results] the doctor suggested that I had to undergo surgery which is a simple appendectomy to prevent abscess or rupture.

It's just a split of second when my bubble of safety breaks. I can't believe it's happening.

In the operating room. They put me in the OR table. The nurses were already there. Thank God! No student nurses! I thought there will be catheterization. It's always been thought that any patient for major operation should be cathetered. But no catheterization at all. Yahoo! They just shaved the surgical area and a half- shave on my pubic area. Well, the hair has to grow back, and it itches and it's ungodly torment.

In the midst of ninth hour, the induction of anesthesia started and the operation follow afterwards. Those are times when absolutely something was going on the right side of my tummy while I'm asleep. It was just 45 minutes.

During my 5- day stay and experiences in the hospital, I learned a lot of thing.

I really thank those who had helped me, my family, relatives, friends, classmates, doctors, nurses... They're my angel in that important event of my life.

I would like also to thank the Almighty God in His present in the special people, in the unforgettable moments and in little miracles He showers in the days where life was uncertain for me.

Mama, Papa, Kuya, Uncle Doming, Auntie Fely, Tito Davy, colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, friends, classmates..., Thank you very much!

God bless.. :-)


4:12 PM



Posted Monday, August 20, 2007

Colegio de Kidapawan grabs championship title, the 2nd time around

Yesterday, I joined the rest of the students of the Paramedical Department to witness the intercollegiate cheer dance competition at the City Gymnasium, as well as, to support our very own Cheer dancers. The said competition was one of the highlights of the Timpupo Festival of the City of Kidapawan.

There are 8 expected participants but only two arrived. I dunno why. University of Southern Mindanao KCC challenged the defending champion Colegio de Kidapawan. Both participating teams showed their skills and abilities in the choreographed dance presentation and outpoured energy in power yells and breath taking stunts.

The CdK cheerdancers exhibited an amazing performance asserted them from the challenger that resulted to their undisputed win and maintained its rank being the champ.

Cdk indeed, is oozing with talents. The night before, Cdk participants of pop dance and dance sport competition was adjudged both first place. CdK basketball team won also against NDKC.

What a landslide victory!


11:26 AM



Posted Friday, August 17, 2007

Here's my official entry for the Wika2007 of Pinoy Blogosphere... Pagpasensiyan nyo po ang isang trying-hard na entry na to. Ahhehee.. Please respect the author..

Si Bisoy sa Hamon ng maraming Wika

Nananalaytay sa kanyang dugo ang pagiging laking- Mindanao… Patuloy sya sa paglaki… Patuloy sa pag-unlad… Sa bawat araw ng kanyang paghinga, sa patuloy na pagtahak ng kanyang paglalakbay; ay tuloy sa paglawak ang kanyang kaalaman.

Noong sya’y musmos pa lang hanggang tumuntong sa eskwela, maraming nagbago sa kanyang isipan. Sa kanyang araw- araw na pakikisalamuha, sa pagkawalay nya sa pamilya at sa pakikipaglaban sa hamon ng buhay.

Mahalaga ang ambag ng wika sa kanyang pag-unlad. Sa kanyang lupang sinilangan, nakagisnan niya ang wikang Bernakyular. Sila na naituring na mga Bisaya. Hanggang sa pagtapak nya sa elementarya, unti-unti nyang natutunan ang salitang Tagalog. At nagiging bihasa sa Ingles nang nasa sekundarya at kolehiyo.

Sa tatlong wikang meron sya, sa anking kakayahang makisalamuha sa ibat-ibang tao, sa anumang sitwasyon; Malaya nyang naipapahayag ang sarili nyang saloobin, makipagpalitang- kuro at maghatid sa iba ng kaalaman.

Kakaiba sya sapagkat kaya nyang makipagsabayan sa anumang agos ng buhay.

Ang papel ng iba’t- ibang wika sa kanyang buhay ay patuloy sa pag-iba. Ang pagbabagong ito ay produkto ng lumalawak nyang kaisipan. Kasabay sa pagbabago na ito, nagbago ang paraan ng kanyang pamumuhay at ang kanyang kapaligiran.

Sa sobrang pagnanasang makipagsabayan sa lahat, dala na rin ng hindi pa ganap na kamalayan, hindi maitatangging malaki ang kontribusyon ng mga wikang meron sya. Ito ang gumabay sa kanyang tagumpay.

…At ito ang tunay na sukatan sa isang matatag na bansa sapagkat ito’y matatamo sa pagyaman at aktibong karunungan na nagsisimula sa kanya-kanyang karunungan ng ibat-ibang wika.

Hindi kailanman maitatangging nakasalalay sa maraming wika ang pagkakaintindihan ng mga Pinoy, anumang relihiyon on saanmang rehiyon. Hindi kailanman napupusyawan ang kahalagahan ng nakagisnang salita, ang wikang Bernakyular sapagkat dito ka namulat. Ang pagsasalita ng Tagalog ay higit na kailangan upang makipagpalitan ng pahayag saang panig ka man ng bansa. At ang wikang Ingles ay syang nagging daan upang makipagsabayan sa ibat- ibang panig ng mundo.

Pilipino, yaman din lamang na maraming wika meron tayo, ano pa ang hinihintay mo. Paunlarin nang husto ang ating bansa, sa pakipagsabayan sa mundo, para sa atin at sa mga susunod pang salinlahi.

Si Bisoy, isang halimbawa… Bisaya, laking- Pinas, isang nurse sa Canada; nagtagumpay.. Isang Pilipino…

PinoyBlogoSphere.com | Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)


Wika2007 Blog Writing Contest

Theme: "Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa"

Sponsored by:

Ang Tinig ng Bagong Salinlahi
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Posted Saturday, August 11, 2007

August Clinical Exposure at Mlang Doctors Hospital

Last two weeks (Wednesday- Friday), I and together with my 8 groupmates completed a 5-day clinical exposure in units throughout Mlang Doctors Hospital, Mlang North Cotabato. It's a private hospital. Thats where I got my first major operation case.

Assisting for an operation is very (really) challenging. I'm in fact experiencing difficulties, nauseated.. But I'm still handling it quite well, I suppose. You can only imagine how nurses offer a lot of comfort to the patient who is about to undergo major event in his life no matter how simple the procedure.

Working on the said hospital with clinical instructor, doctors, nurses has made me a calmer student nurse. Dili lang kaayo halata kay pasmado man jud ko (laughing). Ug may pagkatanga lang jud ko.. No matter what special skill they have, they all seem to share one attribute. The ability to bring out the best in the people who interact with them.I really commend them who exert effort to establish camaraderie with nursing students. Kahit medyo pasaway din. Ocassionally, levelling with your constituents is not a sign of being unprofessional. Kindness must not be taken for weakness. I stand firm in my belief that it is better to be respected out of love than to gain it by fear. Respect begets respect. From a purely psychological viewpoint, fear hinders learning and suppresses one's ability to perform to the fullness of his potential. Thats what makes difference MDI from other hospital of our clinical exposure...



By Request; Schedule of Activities of Kidapawan City Fruit (Timpupo) Festival

August 18- thanksgiving mass, fruit float parade, opening program, passporting, cutting of ribbon: trade fair and booth competition, wall climbing, 1st camp Apo 24 hours adventure race, pop dance and dance sport competition.

August 19- inter-collegiate, cheerdance competition, guest band performer "Jr Kilat"

August 20- , paper mache competition, various fruit contest and fun games, talent night for "Search for Lakambini Year 2"

August 21- fruit farm tour and search for ideal fruit farm, info. & comm. technology (ICT) forum, forum on good agri. practices for mango, final search for Lakambini ng Timpupo Year 2

August 22- fruit congress, exhibits and product demonstration, jobs fair, SK night featuring a guest band performer

August 23- fruit galore with guest Marc Logan, WOW Davao Game show, search for Ms. Fruity Gay 2007

August 24- Street Dancing competition (host: Marc Logan), inter-collegiate basketball semi-finals, battle of the bands

August 25- koong trail rehab and clean up drive, inter-collegiate basketball championship, 1st Mayor Gantuangco airsoft friendship game, 1st mayor RYG Cup motorcross competition

12:08 PM



Posted Monday, August 06, 2007

"I'm joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit"

Finally, Kami na pud! (It's our turn!) There will be 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit with the theme Spotlight Mindanao: Blogging for Culture, Identity & Understanding at NCCC Mall of Davao City" on October 27, 2007 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. It's the best avenue to get together with other bloggers in Mindanao... Kitakits!

1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit Sponsors:

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