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Posted Sunday, October 29, 2006

Locked in Fear Jail

Here I am standing beside the river. I looked in solitude as I watched the peaceful scenery. This is a perfect moment of reflection and a chance to be alone with nature. Then I was reminded with the saying, Life with a plan is like a river which flows to the sea. No matter what the obstacles, it will meet, it still course towards it's aim- the sea. I relly want to be a nurse someday. That's why I enrolled in nursing. It is the primary means in which I will attain freedom and economic prosperity in the future, an opposite of our situation today. This is not just for myself but also for my family and supporters. Of course, to pay credit for their love and support to reach my goal.

I just came from two days Nursing Students Affiliates orientation at Cotabato Regional and Medical Center, Cotabato City. We will be having our duty there this coming November or December. No wonder. there's no way to put a happy mask this christmas. It will be a darkest moment of my nursing student life, I suppose. Since it's an out base location and we will stay there for six days, I needed more or less ten thousand pesos for transportation, meals and boarding house. Our C.I. for that hospital exposure is very strict. She's like a communist tyrant who annihilate whoever opposed her clinical governance. Discipline, she would say. She is a kind of fear that awakens you in your duty shaking and sweating. So it requires an enormous amount of energy just to keep afloat. She became my C.I. in the classroom setting and I really learned a lot from her and I also proved how really strict she is.

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The question still lies in my mind, Is it necessary to be a strict C.I. just to promote discipline and learning? Tsk tsk tsk.. In an article I read, I found out that C.I.s are major contributors to stress. It is not necessary to humiliate the students. IR is enough. Students learned from their lesson. Trauma need not to be part of the punishment. It is humiliating. demeaning and wreaks havoc on morale and confidence. Instructors should positively influence and motivate their students with the credible aura they exhibit. Learning is much more enjoyable and teaching is less of a burden if a harmonious student- CI relationship is established. In doing so, both parties must exert effort to make adjustments in these potentially stressful relationship. Remember: It is better to be respected out of love that to gain it by fear. Respect begets respect. From a purely psychological viewpoint, fear hinders learning and suppresses one's ability to perform to the fullness of his potential.

12:01 PM



Posted Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dupe of change... A nest of terrorism*

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Sirens prolonged wail urge my heart to beat fast as I stood on a distant overlooking my city.

In my mind popped an idea that something would again happen in the land whom I once called paradise... Mindanao, where have they brought you? In your foot lies a bale of uncertainty; ensued in your soil are roots of revenge, hatred and grief... of bloody heart and wounded soul. Centuries had past yet this repeated violence still left afresh in your skies, have left you oppressed people in chaos. A scenario that has drawn a deep cleavage in many aching spirit...thirsty of peace. Mindanao,when can freedom grip in your hands? You are enslaved in bondage of brash selfishness, weeping in vain, reaching - out for help but your ferocious cry seem to fell on deafening ears. Have your people deserted you? Mindanao, no more a paradise. Instead a visage of constant wars, storming bullets and of cannons + bombs. Those ruthless being have flooded you to near death! Where are you now? In your sturdy land stood huge walls instead of bridges... Have spared bullets instead of bread.. You are struggling dupe of change... a nest of terrorism. As they waiting for your death before realizing your cry for salvation? When can Mindanao savor real freedom?

When?... when it's too late..??

*taken from a magazine

Insonsistency... not as worst

18 minutes ago and 45 seconds [to be exact], I got already my grades for semi-final grades for Pharmacology and CHD. Okey na grades ko, unlike before. I got a 75% grade for my Pharmacology and 89% for my CHD last midterm. And it's sort of depressing. My CHD went four points up now, from 89% to 93%.. And my Pharmacology, from 75% to a whooping 86%. Yahoo! But what bothers me the most is my NCM. I have a fret on that subject right now. I got 84% last midterm and I missed 20 items quiz for the prefinals. My C.I. did not allow me to take that 20-points test. I dunno why. Which in the first place, I have a valid reason. Well, I don't have a violent reaction. I really have a good relationship with that C.I. and she teaches very well. And I know I flunked on the other 20 items quiz. I hope my semi final exam for the said subject could help my grade on the pre-final . Wish me luck! And one more thing, we don't have sembreak. Grrr.. Our final exam postponed next week, Wednesday. And our Grand Case Presentation will be this coming Monday and Tuesday. It gave me a chill. It's our first time. I hope I could make it.

4:27 PM



Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Timpupo Festival

How it came into being..

Since it's birth as a municipality 58 years ago, and even before it's conversion in a component city of the Province of Cotabato on February 12, 1998, Kidapawan has already a lot of attributes that can be considered as its wealth. Being at the foot of Mt. Apo- the Philippines' highest peak- it has one of the best tasting potable water from its various mountain springs, pleaseant climate all year round, wide agricultural lands, rivers, creeks, lakes and forestlands. The city is replete with friendly people who are a mixture of indigenous tribes, Christian and Muslim settlers, enviable peace and order conditions and the abundance of exotic tropical fruits like durian, mangosteen, rambutan, mango, lanzones, bananas and many more.

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The abundance of these fruits in the city was the reason why a couple of years ago, the Sanggunian Panlungsod of Kidapawan promulgated an ordinance establishing a brand name of Kidapawan as City of Fruits and Highland Springs.

However, the Brand Name should be appropriately illustrated and characterized through visual representation. Hence, the first ever fruit festival was conceptualized last 2002 by the City of Government headed by Mayor Luis P. Malaluan in coordination with the City Tourism Council.

Now on its 5th year, the Kidapawan City Fruit Festival, now Timpupo Festival which was held last week through the effort of the City Government headed by Mayor Rodolfo Gantuangco.

Some of the major activities conducted were Fruit Float Parade, Fruit Fair exhibit, Fruit galore, street dancing competition...

It was a remarkable presentation for the people because it amazed them when they witnessed different competions despite the treat for possible bombing in the city.

CdK grabs Championship Title

Inter-colegiate Cheering Competition

One of the highlights of the Timpupo Festival was the inter-collegiate cheering competition where stunning cheerers both male and female from different colleges city-wide vied at the city gymnasium last Saturday.

Each team presented their own pieces and breath-taking stunts strirring up the audiences adrenals. The Colegio de Kidapawan cheerers from the Paramedical Department grabbed the championship title. Their one in a million synchronized steps, colorful costumes and well- picked dance routine asserted them from the rest of the squad. Without a doubt, the team deserves plausible first place award. Central Mindanao College was declared as 1st runner up, the 2nd runner up were the University of Southern Mindanao KCC, Notre Dame of Kidapawan College was the third runner up. Other contestants came from North Valley Foundation College, Radio Access Computer College, North Point College of Arts and Technology and the other one.. ahh.. err... uhm, I forgot. :-)

9:57 AM



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