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Posted Saturday, June 24, 2006

in propria persona

While some BSN graduates from our school at the 4th floor of the B Building St. Louis Review Center having their review for the December Nursing Licensure Exam, thousands of nursing graduates all over the country surpassed the NLE last June 11 to 12. The board exam are given two times a year- June and December.

One evening, I was watching TVPatrol and received a shocke with a bad news that theres an allege leakage during the june board exam or the NLE. The leakage issue happened in Baguio. I am using allege since there's still no evidence and has been no confirmation yet if it were in fact reviewees under Gapuz Review Center and the center itself has done it. The next day, a news from Philippine Daily Inquirer, PRC denies leakage in nursing board cleared the issue that The professional Regulatory Commision or the PRC denied that there was a leak of the test questions in the board exam.

What made worse, when theres really a proof that there's a leakage, it's unfair for those who honestly take the exam.

Bilang isang estudyante, hindi dapat nakapako ang ating pang-unawa sa apat na sulok ng silid-aralan, dapat palawakin at pagyamanin ang ating kaisipan para sa pangkalahatang kapakinabangan...

This day, I attended the Basic Leadership Training BLT at the campus gymnasium.It is conducted by the Red Cross Youth Council of our school in coordination with the Philippine National Red Cross. The program aims to orient participants with the Red Cross and gain relevant learning about leadership and Management through series of workshops, discussions, forums and dynamics prepared. Such initiatives is taken to train and prepare willing students becoming productive leaders and as individual in the future. The seminar limits to 80 participants only- in a first come, first serve basis. Fortunately, I got a slot. The said activity will be culminated tomorrow. I'm still on decision-making if I will attend tomorrow activities since I have my duty at Puericulture at Kidapawan City Health Office tomorrow night. I have to rest the whole day tomorrow so that I have an extra energy to serve those in need at night. [hehe]. If I can't attend tommorows activities, I will missed 1 certificate. There were 4 certificates to be given if you successfully completed the two-day activities.

Here's my new schedules for my my Related Learning Experience. It's a whole day duty in hospital except duties at Kidapawan City Puericulture Center and Management[night shift]
June 25 to 27..... Kidapawan Puericulture Center and Management
July 2 to 4.........Kidapawan Puericulture Center and Management
July 9 to 11.......Pacifico Medical Center
July 23 to 25........Pacifico Medical Center
July 30 to August 1.......Cotabato Provincial Hospital
August 6 to 8........Cotabato Provincial Hospital
August 20 to 22.......Dizon Medical Center
August 27 to 29.......Dizon Medical Center
September 3 to 5........Kidapawan City Health Office
September 10 to 12.......Kidapawan City Health Office
September 24 to 26......Kidapawan Doctors Hospital
October 1 to 3.......Kidapawan Doctors Hospital
October 8 to 10.......Kidapawan City Medical Specialist
October 22 to 24......Kidapawan City Medical Specialist

5:33 PM



Posted Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For the benefit of the Doubt

I am firm in believing that A life with a plan is like a river which flows to the sea. No matter what obstacles it will meet, it still course towards its aim- the sea.

I'm just one among thousands of Filipino aspirants to seek for greener pasture galvanized me to study nursing. I dreamed to surpass a four years of studying nursing, pass the board exam, get a license to practice nursing, fulfill all my aspirations in life... I'm planning of going abroad. Articles on the newspapers and magazines say that there is a great demand for nurses abroad and I guess that it would be my chance of possibly travelling around the globe. Aside from that, nurses are being paid with high salary. So in two to five months times, I could have a very beautiful house I long been dreaming of with h-tech appliances. And perhaps a good life. Not just for me but also for my family.

In an article I read, Many nurses- male and female enjoy the amount of time that they can spend with patients on a daily basis . Nurses can work with any social groups in countless settings, from country general hospitals to private family practices. Nurses become trusted members of their communities and their patients look to them for medical advuce. Increasingly, doctors and nurses view each other as peers in the health care field, nurses are respected members of the profession who bring their own unique experiences to the field. Isn't it enough for you to inspire?

Like as what my Tito said said, nursing isn't a glorious profession. It takes a lots of hardwork and commitment. I bet, he's right!

Here's my schedule for my Related Learning Experience. It's a whole day duty in hospital center.

June 25 to June 27- Cotabato Provincial Hospital NS1
July 2 to 4- Cotabato Provincial Hospital NS1
July 9 to 11- Pacifico Medical Center/ Hospital
July 23 to 25- Pacifico Medical Center/ Hospital
July 30 to August 1- Cotabato Provincial Hospital NS2
August 6 to 8- Cotabato Provincial Hspital NS2
August 20 to 22- Dizon Medical Center/ Hospital
August 27 to 29- Dizon Medical Center/ Hospital
September 3 to 5- Kidapawan City Health Office
September 10 to 12- Kidapawan City Health Office
September 24 to 26- Kidapawan Doctors Hospital Inc
October 1 to 3- Kidapawan Doctors Hospital Inc
October 2 to 4- Kidapawan Medical Specialist Center
October 9 to 11- Kidapawan Medical Specialist

Tuesday after my ward class, I attended the first general meeting of the Paramedical Department. It lasted for more than two hours. Nursing and widwifery students flocked inside the Badminton court. In my estimate, 60% were present that afternoon. Perhaps it was because some of the nursing students were in their duty in the hospital. As one can observe, the number of students decreases as the meeting progresses.

The election of officers followed after enumerating the rules and regulations of the department and other related topics. Whoever those elected, congrats and good luck. I hope they better to be good. I'm not quiete convince with some elected officers. I have nothing against them, lest I got the second degree, but isn't that an implication that we're running out of other sensible, good and active paramedical students that can be probably be nominated and elected? I hope that they don't let other people to do their job. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk...

11:27 AM



Posted Friday, June 16, 2006

Hefty Bucks Denouement

hindi madali maging isang student nurse

One responsibility we need to understand is that nothing is free and cheap anymore. In our recently concluded level 3 orientation and meeting for our upcoming pinning, capping and lighting ceremony. Most of the students had their violent reactions regarding financial matters. Count me in! E kasi naman, makabasag baso ang mga gastusin. Wouldn't it be great if they will omit some expenses? It's not easy to find money, you know... I learned one thing, wether we, they, I like it or not- money is a must. And that should be understood as final and absolute. Grrrrr.

Almost all of the level 3 clinical instructors were there and the presence of an important members of the paramedical department made it conspicuous they were ready for business. I'm already in my third year level of taking up BS in nursing. Two years more for a big day- for reaping what you have done during planting season. The day you went up the stage to get your diploma, a proof that you have completed your tertiary course. A ticket to the so-called real world. Wow! Ang sarap mangarap. How I really love to dream! But as what they said, The future belongs to people who believe in their dreams. It is my fervent hope that I can achieve what I want to be achieved.

It's not an easy being a student nurse in a level 3. You have to face the real horror of nursing education- battling with projects, case studies, NCP's, drug studies, and a lot more. But others said especially the seniors, it's interesting and exciting as long as theres a presence of passion and proper time management. Hmmmmm. Well, I'll soon find it. We have a 408 hours duty in our Related Learning Experience to be completed within this sem at Kidapawan Doctors Hospital Inc, Cotabato Provincial Hospital and other neighboring hospitals here in Cotabato. And I have a pangit schedule. I have my duty at Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. So, it's an excuse that I need to go on blog hiatus. I have to prioritize my career as a student nurse first. Okay? *lol

In our orientation, Mrs. Lysivit Kabigting, RN and Mrs. Telly Gonzales, RN, (Dean of the Paramedical Department) presented the financial aspect. It would be a hefty sum at the expense of our payers pocket. Take for instance, when we will be assigned at Cotabato Regional Hospital in Cotabato City where we should have more or less 5,000 pesos for dormitory, meals and more. Our C.I.'s also enumerated and stressed the policies and rules of conduct inside the hospital. Informations and guidelines governing desirable standards of conduct which requires students to observe and follow were also emphasized.

I have mixed emotions entering the third level of my nursing studies. We will be assigned in a real scenario in different hospitals, to apply what we have learned for the past two years in school. Oh no! Did I still remember it all?? I hope so...

I am firm to believe that I could make it. Making the best out of my payers are paying. So it's only fair that I will give their moneys worth. At least there's a factual that gives a damn about giving payers moneys' worth.

I went to Madonna General Hospital this morning for urine and stool exam. Yesterday, I had my XRay and the other day, hepatitis B screening... That's it! Hehe

He labored all day. He that drives you for a miles away. He that cultivated the soil. He that planted and harvested most of the fruits. And that's my father. You're the best Pa... Happy Fathers day!!!

10:56 AM



Posted Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Metamorphosis Catastrophe

Ayoko na magsulat dito kasi feeling ko self-glorification lang ang ginagawa ko. Sinasayang ko lang ang aking oras at kakaramput na pera sa pagsusulat sa aking buhay, e kunti lang ang nakakabasa nito. Napakaabsurdo di ba? Sabi ko na nga ba, individualistic writing is just plain masturbation...

I actually felt the very same state mentioned above. I've been blogging almost one year, but what aided me to overcome the hesitant feeling to write is the haunting words that writing down of words remains a source of inspiration, stirs the imagination and gives rise to hopes and dreams. Blog is where your anxieties and happiness were penned down. I just take time to blog to release pressure and stress from school. But of course, my studies is my top priority. It is obvious that you have seen many changes in PULSE CIRCLE [my blog], the newly- domain host, URL, lay-out( Special thanks to kuya Eric) and vice versa. It's called metamorphosis. Okay? To have this blog is not because to freed the frenzy of my passion to write, but because I have the freedom to let the people know about myself or what happen to my life and whatever comes in my mind, wheter they[you] like it or not. *lol. But wait! Wait a minute dudes, before you think about it, aside from all the cause-and-effects, let me share to you what happen in my life last week. It's quiete boring.. It's your choice if you want to read this preceding paragraphs.. Who am I anyway, Sam Milby??? *lol...

I had spent my first duty in Lanao at Manuel Hospital. It's a twelve hour [????] shift from Monday up to Wednesday. The hospital is a primary health care clinic and credited by DOH. When I and my groupmates (we're actually ten) first got there, we had a short orientation at the office of the Doctor with Dr. Cesar Manuel. I abhored the fact that nobody should speak any vernacular language. It should be in English.. Okay, fine! At first, I'm very nervous because I dont want to commit mistakes in providing nursing services to the patients. As the day progresses, the atmosphere in that hospital was great. We were living a good life. There were only two patients admitted. Hello-oh! We'ere ten student nurses.. I couldn't help but wonder, did it all matter in the end?

Last Tuesday, it wasn't good for some of my classmates. But I think, it wasn't good for all of us. It's the BIG day [final verdict] were Ma'am Love distributed our grades for Nursing Care Management 501200. It's the most difficult subject last summer, I suppose. Only 3 got a line of 8 grade and I'm happy to be part of it. Oh yes!. In our class, 16 students failed the subject. I heard that the other class has five students who passed. It's really a bad news...

Here's my grades for the summer.. I dunno if I should suppose to post this in the world wide web.. Kinda self-degrading to post it but whatever your opinion will sway, I just kept my cool...

Nursing Care Management 501200... 80%
Health Nutrition...... 92%.. oOh, yes!
Philippine History and Culture, Lit 5.... 89%
Related Learning Experience..... 85%

Anyways, here's my new subjects this first sem of school year 2006, 2007. I have 25 units all-in-all. NCM 501202, Promotive and Preventive NCM 1; RLE Related Learning Experience,; CHN 1, Community Health Department; HxSci5, Pharmacology and CES 1 or the Community Extension Service...

May the force be with me always! Wish me luck for a new sem ahead...

11:15 AM



Posted Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why not I with thine?

How can I keep you, if somebody owns you?
How can I go on your way, if somebody's blocking my way?
How can I get you, if somebody's holding you?
How can be my special someone if there's someone special for you?

11:34 AM



Posted Friday, June 02, 2006

Orientation Program for Student Affiliates

Where w
e work

This coming July, we will have our duty at Cotabato Provincial Hospital (CPH)- Brgy. Amas, North Cotabato. Good thing, there’s this day for orientation. It aims to know more about the said hospital, to know the conduct we must posses for our duty for two years conform to the standards set by the said hospital and a lot more. Last Thursday, it was the day intended for [us] nursing student of CdK Batch 2 to disscuss and talk about the hospital, staff, departments and rules and regulations. It was started with a short program hosted by Sheena and..hmm.. ah.. uhm,..Richard.. Oh no, that’s me !!! *lol.. 54 students packed the conference room with our clinical instructor, Mr. Jaime Imasa, RN. Guest speaker, Mrs. Felina M. Hernandez, RN (Chief nurse) and assisted by Mrs. Josefina Libre, RN (Assistant chief nurse) discussed DOH vision and mission statement; organic structure of CPH; medical services; department heads; philosophy, objectives and functions of nursing service;department sections and heads of nursing services; OPD, ER, Adm, NS1, NS2, NS3, NS4; other services offered at CPH; comitees at CPH, different programs implemented, student affiliates; patients rights; patients records and common mistakes commited by student nurses….

After having our lunch, we checked out of the hospital, Mrs.Libre, RN brought us to the different departments… We are divided into three groups.

Before the orientation was ended, Mrs. Libre expressed her appreciation to our batch who really fares well during the orientation, tour and post evaluation in comparison with the first batch... Tsk..tsk...tsk
To my classmates and colleagues during the orientation, CONGRATULATIONS!!! =)). Also be read from PULSE CIRCLE 1

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