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Posted Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brief Encounters: DR Exposure at CRMC

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I still have a hang- over on my graveyard shift Delivery Room exposure at Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC), Cotabato City last week but it seems as though it happened yesterday. I look like a breakdown machine with big eyebags like those people who neglect their sleep to work for call centers and entertainment bars. I lost two pounds.

There were different exciting and new things experienced. Very challenging but it was really full of fun and lessons to be worth reminiscing. I can't imagine how I looked when we arrived and performed our daily chores. But still I reckoned that experience. It was a clinical that set us nursing students apart from the rest of the college and the usual Related Learning Experiences in the ward.

During the whole exposure, I learned that there is a need to practice, practice, practice and more practice. Be sure you have memorized the right sequence. Also prepared on relative topics about Maternal and Child Health and of course about delivery as clinical instructor, nurses and doctors might ask a couple of side questions while you're doing your newborn care or assisting and handling in the delivery. Our Clinical Instructor, Ms. Deborah Tolentino, RN reprimanded us thrice or I should say 4 times, 5 times, 50 times... during our 8 hours span of care for our wrong doing. But I still be thankful for it will help us to be an effective nurse someday.

The last night, we went to Cafe Florencio in the down town section of Cotabato City. I ordered two red horse. Toink! A juke box played dance songs and local tunes. Over all, it was a great time to relax and just hang- out with colleagues after days of exhausting duties.


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Posted Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Taste of my future world.. of my future Life

The first term of the second semester this school year is coming to a close for a christmas vacation. Yahoo! No question, there's a way to put a happy mask this yuletide season. I survived my delivery room exposure at Cotabato Regional and Medical Center, Cotabato City; clinicl exposure at Dizon Hospital and Kidapawan Doctors Hospital; surpassed the nerve wrecking exams of Methos of Research, Psychopathophysiology, Curative and Rehabilitative Nursing Care Management. In a way, I feel like I learned a lot but that's not quite enough. I've learned important skills like how to medicate oral meds, intravenous thru tubing, nebulization, assisting and handling in the delivery, newborn care and post mortem care. I also learned a little amount about ABG and ECG during the symposium last Sunday at the AVR Room. And of course, the boring lectures every Wednesday night, Thursdays and Fridays.

Nursing is not an easy course. It's not a piece of cake! Nursing care goes through challenging activities. We go to clinical setting of three days a week to hone our new skills with real patient and we get to see the real world applications of science as we learn. Then three days classes and then a ward class every Sunday. We spend 3 to 6 hours every class. It turn myself into a breakdown machine. Every week, I have two quizzes, nusing care plans, 1 reading, drug studies, and a comprehensive assesment. These things scare and agitate nursing students to death. All these are nerve wrecking. But those are not to be dreaded as they said because it's part of the training to an effective, competitive amd efficient nurse someday.

Honestly, I enroled in nursing because there is a great demand of nurses abroad. It is a sure way to earn money, and perhaps a good life. Yes, I might be a nurse but I'm not doing nursing. But as my nursing studies progresses, everything changes. I persist to continue nursing because I learn to love nursing and everyhting about it. It;s amazing the things that people will let you do to them where you're in a uniform to inspect, palpate, auscultate, and do some nursing care. Of course, you have to do first a bed side care when you go to your patient's room and most of all, to establish rapport. This is done to gain trust and cooperation to your patient for your 6 to 8 hours span of care. I like nursing because I get to do so many things with my hands and my brain at the same time. The procedures aren't mindless; they require thinking and planning. I never lost the need to be of service to others. I dreamt of helping other people not by means of money. I'm willing to volunteer my time and knowledge. That's why I joined Red Cross Youth Council in our school which places a high value in Service and Senior Citizens Medical Service volunteer. And learn to love nursing. Okay, I know, it sounds too good to be true. It's not an easy job, you know. It requires dedication. Oh c'mon, it seems that I want to quit nursing and be a nurse. Heheh. Damn, I'm not that good. I guess, if I have to rate myself from 1 to 1o (10 as the highest), I'll give 4- blag! lower. Yes, it's true. I still have lots of rice to eat. I mean, to learn more about nursing be it in skills, knowledge and attitude.

Chuy; and a chuy photo shooter

Was watching TV when I stumbled to a tele magazine regional show that was produced by ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro, named chuy.

Educational and entertaining. These are two ingredients that make Chuy a cut above the rest. It offers lots of informations and the delivery was interesting and appealing. The show jammed by three good-looking hosts- Richard...ah, err, uhm, I forgot, it's Ryan, Tina and Rishi with a special participation of MOR CDO Disk jockey Bernie Bitok-bitok who stamped their individual mark on the show with their own brand of elegance and wit. With the show, you will be able to relate yourself. Just as if you are director, you would point your camera at a scene that recreates the image in your mind. The show offers interesting segments. They features ur sport, ur style, ur idol, ur gmik, ur muzik, u-nik, fud trip, uso, you, and jukbuk. Some of the segments can gain inspiration for the viewers. It’s a proof that Regional shows did well also for entertainment… It’s one show I try not to miss every Sunday 11 A.M.. It’s definitely, Chuy!!!


"chuy" is the slang word for "cool" or "nice" and etc.

English - "The movie is so cool!"
Bisaya - "Chuy kaayo ang salida (sine) bai!"

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Posted Saturday, December 09, 2006

Of cockfight hubbubs

Sa pula... Sa Puti..

These are common statements I heard during a cock fight. It's fun and you could see different paints of faces and reactions especially when they win. Most of the handlers, financiers and gaffers have their unlimited thoughts until midnight.

Many cockers list of must haves as luck in order to win. Some rely on practices and superstitions beliefs but most of them name their chickens by the name they will bring them the best of luck.

It was evident during my mother's birthday last December 3. My father and brother Raymond joined the two- cock derby at New Makilala Gallera- Saguing Republic. The entry named Happy Birthday. Do I have to elaborate why? Heheh. It grabs the championship title together with other 15 entries among more than fifty entries all over North Cotabato and other neighboring places during that day. Well, it also cost me a lot of money. I had a 25% mark up on my allowance the day after. So I viewed each meal as feast. Yummy!

But the luck does not end up there. Once more, they champ again at Nueva Vida last December 5 with the entry name of Happy Fiesta. There are more than fourty entries in that two- cock derby. Only two entries champ. It's in line with the celebration of the place patron saint feast day.

My father and brother has proven to be the best again. Super show!

I wish for continued success..

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Posted Friday, December 01, 2006

Reprimand number .01 : Verbal Gymnastic

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Is Methods of Research for research only? Think.
That there is a perfect pronunciation of terms in English vocabulary is one truth some may have never fully realized.

Last Wednesday, I had my Methods of Research class from five in the afternoon until eight in the evening after my five hours clinical exposure at Dizon Hospital. I had a sore loser and sorry excuse to a teacher after having written about how she pronounce the word because [bi-kawz, -koz, -kuhz] on a small sheet of paper that hurts her. I wrote the word bekaz and passed it on my seatmate without knowing that I was caught for doing the bad thing. I was surprised to discover how I worked over those things. I'm not going to say that it is right because it is really bad.Those are those times when the room's thermometer screams "it's getting hot in here". She seemed angry and asked me what I feel with a big question mark and five exclamatory marks. She was offended, she said. According to her, it's the first time that someone corrected how she pronounce the said word. And how she sure that only Richard Diongson? Surely, there are students also had opinions on their own. But don't get me wrong- it bothered me.

She is currently the principal of a big school in the city thus it is safe to conclude that she have gone through rigid training and experience and deserving of merit as expert in her profession. She knows more, no question for that. She posses both in abundance- having passed any tests or training required.

I used to believe that I deserved her reprimand. I am tempted of doing it rather than listen to her go on and on about whatnot. It's my first day on her class.

I must admit that I'm not good in pronunciation. Nobody is perfect. We are not native English speakers. I'm firm in believing that substance will always win over style. There's no need to speak with a twang. It would be nice if no pretensions about it. It can be quite destructing on the ear. But as what she said, We should learn the right way of pronouncing it... K. Fine...

But still, I should be fair and remember, Tao lang po.

Once you broke somebody or some peoples heart, healing is remote possibility. And I said, "Sorry."

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