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Posted Saturday, August 19, 2006

The long queue says it all

The second floor of the B Building of our school fronting the the club/organizational floor mounted in the pathway where students waited their turn for the I.D. picture taking. It is a certified box-office activities. I was there this morning but unfortunately, I did not get a slot. Grrrrr.. ! In the world of mighty e everything is wired, digitalized and on-line, seems that anything in this world is going to be an instant coffee at the click of the mouse. That's why in just 2 minutes or less, our new school I.D. is ready to wear. What-a high tech! The new school I.D. has a background picture of the new building, a comic sans script sling, computerize signature, etc. Truth of the matter is, much of a difference, really, compared to the previous one.

I couldn't help but wonder, did it all matter in the end? My perception of the students apathy did not budge. Did they care at all or did they realize it would be a waste of time? Like what happened to me a while ago. *Kakainis!

Perchance the most stalwalt claim students unfortunately overlook and underrate is the right to choose or demand choice. Every year, we pay for the school I.D and some don't even bothered to wear it. Sayang naman! I'm guilty with what I am saying. Yeah right! I'm one among students who dont love to wear I.D. Wanna know why? I'd think it's a bit waste of time wearing that stuff beacuse I.D. is not a must in our school. A student could enter the school without complete uniform. What's the use of the guard? Decoration... It's my fervent hope that there should be a strict observance for students coming in and out of the school. Sana naging president na lang ako ng CSC! *lol

NLE June 2006 Leakage Issue

If you are not aware, there was a cheating scandal on the nursing board exam in the Philippines. Because of this, several years of work to bring NCLEX to the Philippines has evaporated.

Since the Filipino government is unwilling to address this issue, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (the body that administers NCLEX) has elected not to have a testing site in the Philippines. At the July executive board meeting of the NCSBN, a proposal to have the Philippines as testing site was to be discussed. Because of this cheating scandal, that proposal was never discussed. Hence one can assume that the Phlippines will not be an NCLEX testing site.

For those who took the tainted exams and passed, there will forever be a cloud over their results. Did they pass fairly or not?

Here's PNAA's position on this matter:



The Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA) is an internationally recognized professional nursing organization, established in 1979, consisting of thirty five (35) constituent chapters across the United States, including Hawaii, with membership representing thousands of Philippine nurses practicing in the country. The mission of PNAA is to unify Filipino nurses in the USA; uphold the positive image, welfare and prerogatives of its members; promote professional competence and quality healthcare; collaborate with other nursing and healthcare organizations to address issues of mutual concern and act on initiatives to enhance the future of the nursing profession and healthcare.

Position Statement

In accordance with its mission, and on behalf of nurses world-wide, the PNAA asserts the following, in response to the threatened erosion of the integrity of the RN Licensure Examination in the Philippines conducted in June 2006:

PNAA deplores and condemns any dishonest, abhorrent or criminal act, including the alleged leakage of the Philippine nurse licensing examination, that threatens to erode and undermine the trust and respect accorded to Filipino professional nurses by their colleagues and the public that they serve in the global health care arena. PNAA cannot allow the dishonesty and unethical practices of a few people to erode the integrity of the licensing system and tarnish the credibility of the honest majority.
PNAA believes that the questionable integrity of the licensing examination, which validates the nurses’ competence and knowledge-base, poses a threat to the health and welfare of those who will be entrusted to the care of Philippine nurse licensees. This licensing issue casts uncertainty on our quest for approval of the Philippines as an NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination-RN) test site, since it drives right into the heart of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s (NCSBN) concern regarding adequacy of mechanisms to safeguard testing security and integrity of intellectual property rights.
PNAA applauds the courage and supports the dedicated efforts of our Philippine-based nursing colleagues for insisting on the exposure and subsequent investigation into alleged irregularities relative to the recent nurse licensing examination.
PNAA extends its gratitude to the Philippine government, legislators and concerned public officials for responding to the call of our nursing colleagues in the Philippines to seek the truth, to bring the offenders to justice and to institute appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of any further breach of the licensing system.
The Philippine government has the ultimate responsibility and duty of care to ensure that the integrity of the licensing examinations is not undermined and to be accountable for enforcing strict rules and regulations, including meting out punishment to violators.
Finally, the PNAA recommends the following strategies to address the issues cited in the foregoing statements.
The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) shall continue to investigate the alleged nursing board examination leakage, establish culpability, penalize the offenders and institute appropriate corrective measures to ensure the integrity of the licensing examination.

The collaborative alliance between the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), Manila based Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) and PNAA, shall constitute the core infrastructure for establishing an oversight program, including a Task Force of stakeholders from appropriate government agencies and nursing organizations, that will monitor the mechanisms employed to address the licensing controversy, safeguard testing security, protect intellectual property rights and ensure the overall integrity of local and international nurse licensing examinations administered in the Philippines.
The PNAA believes, that the manner with which this breach of the Philippine nurse licensing system is addressed and resolved, could provide a "model" for change in our country’s growing democratic society, by setting the example to consistently uphold optimum standards for ethical and professional integrity that will rekindle and strengthen the trust accorded to Filipino nurses by our colleagues and the discerning public whom we serve in the global health care arena.

Rest assured that the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA) persists, as always, in its unwavering commitment to support and collaborate with the Philippine government, global alliances and nursing colleagues, to address and rectify this unfortunate situation, to ensure the security of the RN licensing system and, most importantly, to preserve the dignity, integrity and credibility of the nursing profession, Filipino nurses and all Filipinos throughout the world.

PNAA proudly proclaims . . . Mabuhay ang Filipino !!!

Submitted: August 4, 2006
For and on behalf of the PNAA Membership and Executive Board (2006- 2008) by:
Rosario May P. Mayor, MA, RN President
Leo-Felix M. Jurado, MA, RN, CAN, APN, BC President Elect
Victoria B. Navarro, MSN, RN Board Member, President-PNA, Maryland
Leticia Hermosa, PhD, RN, JD Parliamentarian
Linda A. Simunek, PhD, RN, JD Legal Adviser
Filipinas J. Lowery, MA, RN, CNOR Advisory Council, Past President, Founder
Remedios Solarte, MSN, RN, NP Executive Director, Past President, Founder

10:37 AM



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